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Russell Cornish ~ Reiki Master

My name is Russell Cornish. I am a reiki practitioner and spiritual healer based in beautiful Devon, a magical healing place in itself.

Russell Cornish With His Dogs, Ben & Edmond

I enjoy walking my dogs along the coastal paths or, taking in the sights and breathing the clean, fresh air that Devon has to offer. Not everyone has that luxury and I feel very blessed indeed.

I like helping people with their wellbeing and physical ailments. It is for that reason that I practice healing.

I also teach reiki healing and spiritual development, and give aura readings.

Different Healing Methods

People often ask me "what is the difference between the different healing methods", my answer is as follows;

Reiki Healing and Healing Hands Symbols
Reiki Healing & Healing Hands Symbols

Over the past 5000 years many cultures around the world have the ability to heal with their hands, and there are many different names, in essence they are all the same.

Some people are better healers than others, meaning that the healing from their hands have varying degrees of energy flows.

If a person has a certificate hanging on the wall it does not mean that they are a healer.

Healing is all about practice, and raising the healers spiritual and vibrational levels.

Healing is not a religion, some healers say it comes from God, others say it is an energy from the universe, others say it is pure love, and there are many more interpretations. In my view healing is from healing spirits.

What I can say is that most people if they wish, and have the time can be healers.

Healing Can Help

image of reiki healing in progress in cornwall
Frank on the table has leukaemia a rare type, and was given no more than three months to live and that was at Christmas 2016. The lady by his shoulders is Brana his wife. All three healing had just finished their reiki 1 course and were trying it out on Frank, he liked the healing.

Healing can help with a multitude of things including but not limited to, back and lower back pain, stress and emotional problems, various skin conditions, chemotherapy stress, sleeping problems, sports injuries, sciatica, an overall relaxed time for yourself which can be hard to do in this day and age.

The Cost Of A Healing Session

A consultation/chat lasting half an hour and followed by an hours healing session is £25.00.

Concessions for those who find it hard to pay
A dozen eggs or a plant would be very nice indeed.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

Russell Cornish

Reiki Master

UK Reiki Federation

Devon, Cornwall & Me