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If you have received any reiki healing, reiki teaching, spiritual development, aura readings or taken part in my reiki share group please feel free to leave me your feedback.


5/5 (9)
Lin & Rudi

We have always been open to spiritual healing and decided that we would like to do Reiki and a friend recommended Russ. We thoroughly enjoyed the courses and Russ's style of teaching and sharing information and techniques. Russ is a natural healer and teacher and does these courses in a beautiful surrounding.


I became more energised and better able to cope with the difficult and sad situation I find myself in with Frank. At times now I can feel positive and hopeful about the future which was not so obvious before doing the course. Things have at times fallen into place for me as regards friendships and projects to do, as well as having a better sense of myself, so that I can recognise my strengths and believe that I can manage.

Since doing the reiki course I am beginning to be aware of colour and images and interestingly when doing reiki on Frank have been able to pinpoint his physical pain.

I am so pleased and grateful that you have given me this


My initiation to Reiki, over the two day course with Russell, gave a positive insight into the spiritual strengths we have within ourselves. I approached the course with an open mind and heart, disabling the barriers within that can sometimes prejudice our own self development. Here was an opportunity for peaceful reflection and the opening of ones inner spirit in readiness for healing. Russell has a depth and sensitivity that immediately put me at ease; he is caring and patient, and took his time to enable a thorough understanding of each and every aspect of the course fully. (Reiki First Degree)


The two day Reiki course with Russell exceeded my expectations. Despite being just the first stages and an initiation to Reiki healing, I found the course very hands on and informative. Russ's venue is set in South East Cornwall and the views and setting enhance the whole experience, lending a sense of tranquility.

Russ afforded time between teaching for valuable debate amongst the students, and an opportunity to explore questions and the personal paths that lead us to Reiki.

Reiki Healing part 1


I felt 100% safe in Russell's hands. During the Healing session my sinuses cleared and I felt a wonderful warm tingling in my feet which lasted for several minutes. I felt energised for the next few days. Highly recommended.


I had not had Reiki healing before and was impressed by the total relaxation that I experienced. Russ takes great care to create a perfect environment for healing. I was surprised that I was I able to release emotional blockages around bereavement from 20 to 30 years ago. This occurred during the session. Later I experienced subtle physical healing in my neck and particularly a very painful shoulder I had had for four years. Over a period my shoulder was much improved. I was also impressed with the clearing of rosacea that I had also had for years.


I was very pleased with my treatment by Russ whom I felt very relaxed with.The pain in my back and legs has got better and I am looking to my next lot of treatment.


I have obtained my 1st and 2nd degree Reiki with Russell. The weekend courses were well organised and the atmosphere was very relaxing and informal. Due to the small group size it meant that everything felt so personal and the information was very clear and concise. The support given after the course is excellent, the Reiki share and telephone calls instill confidence in Russell's teachings.


On my first visit to Russell for Reiki I felt rather apprehensive at what the procedure might involve, I was soon put at ease by Russell's professional approach not only in the way in which he conducts healing but also showing a very sympathetic manner for ones wellbeing, I was impressed in the way that my general health and blood pressure was logged before healing. Having received several Reiki sessions I can honestly confirm that Reiki really does work, it is wonderful!

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