What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Energy.

image of reiki symbol
Reiki Symbol

‘Reiki’ loosely defined means 'Free passage of Universal Life Force Energy'. The word is represented by the character above. In the Chinese character system, Reiki =  Leiki. Both originate in TIBET.


Rei Symbol

An all knowing consciousness. It understands every individual completely. It knows the cause of problems or difficulties and what to do to heal them.


Ki Symbol

In Chinese, Life Force Energy is called CHI, and in India it is called PRANA. There are many names for the Life Force Energy, each culture having its own.

Every living thing has a life force circulating through and surrounding it. When death occurs the life force departs.

The life force energy is very important. If it is low or is blocked we become very vulnerable to illness. If it is high and free flowing our immune system is energised and we are less likely to become ill.

As children we 'know' the source of the universal life force energy, we are one with it. But as we grow older we forget and become separated. One of the gifts of Reiki is a feeling of being reconnected.

Reiki is neither a religion or a belief system. It opens the way to new depths of spiritual experience and understanding.

Once you have been initiated Reiki is activated by placing your hands on yourself or another person, pet or plant. The Reiki energy is then effortlessly drawn through the body at a pace corresponding to the need and it will go to where it is required and undo the blockage, charging it with loving energy and raising the vibrational frequency. The energy is healing, not the Practitioner. 

In giving Reiki there is never a transmissing or cross-over of personal energies between giver and receiver.