Aura Readings

While I was developing my healing abilities I started to see auras on people, first just a white light then a colour then many colours.

Over the years I have learnt to interpret the meaning of the colours.

I concentrate on the shoulders and head.

I can see up to 5 colours on most people.

The first aura colour is the Etheric a white or gold flash about 2 inches above the head and shoulders, this is said to be a copy of the body in the aura.

The second is the Emotional colour, it can appear up to 1 foot above the head. This colour is your life colour and denotes the type of person and personality you are.

The Emotional colour is the aura reading I give.

The next colour is called your Mental colour, as this is your thinking process at the time of reading, 1 foot to 1 foot 6 inches.

The next colour is the Astral colour, followed by the Spiritual colour.

There are no bad colours to have.

To have a healthy body your auras need to be looking good. 

It is said that illness start in the auras then spread to the body, this is why when I carry out healing on the body I first heal the auras. 

If you would like an aura reading please contact me to book an appointment.